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Yoga Books - by Jessie Chapman

Inspirational and informative yoga books by Jessie Chapman.

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Yoga Postures for Your Body, Mind & Soul - $24.95

by Jessie Chapman

This is Australia's No#1 bestselling yoga book which is designed specifially for beginners to yoga covering a wide variety of yoga postures and techniques including how to position in the postures, how to breathe, how to modify and vary the postures according to your level of flexibility and strength, as well as covering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. The back of the book details 40 easy to follow yoga classes for at home practice. Features some of Australia's leading yoga teachers filmed on Byron Bay's stunning beaches. Published by HarperCollins 2000.

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Yoga Sequences for Your Body, Mind & Soul - $24.95

by Jessie Chapman

An comprehensive picturesque yoga guide packed with detailed yoga sequences designed for specific purposes making your at home practice easy and affective. Covers 40 different classes with focus on yoga's various healing benefits, emotions & moods, softening and strengthening specific areas of the body, yoga for different sports, and lots more. Also features a detailed guide to yoga's different styles of easy and more advanced inverted postures. Published by HarperCollins 2002.

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Partner Yoga for your Body Mind & Soul - $24.95


by Jessie Chapman

A stunning one-of-a-kind guide to the different styles of partner yoga practice. Packed with beautiful images of partner yoga on Byron Bay beaches the book covers hundreds of postures for all levels of practice to enhance communication skills, learn how to work more deeply in the yoga postures with others, learn how to adjust others in the postures, develop intimacy and sharing and lots more. This book brings beauty and lightness to anyones yoga practice, enhancing one's understanding of others, yoga and life itself. Published by HarperCollins 2003. 

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Yoga for Inner Strength - $24.95


By Jessie Chapman

An inspirational guide to yoga and in particular the Vinyasa style of yoga. This stunning book also details some of the more advanced yoga asana's (postures) and covers a variety of at home yoga sequences, gentle yoga warm-up's and wind down's, breathing techniques, meditation and more. Also features yoga sequences for menstruation and for pregnancy. All photographed on Byron Bay's stunning beaches. Published by HarperCollins 2004.

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