Aussie Jerky - Real Beef Jerky
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Aussie Jerky - Tastes Great Mate !


our internet ordering service is a great way to try the unique tastes of Australia's Best Beef Jerky, or take advantage of our
Direct Buy Discounts
to stock up on your favourite variety.

Our Beef Jerky is processed from only whole slices of premium grade Australian Beef, now there's no need to pay $4.00, $5.00 or even more sometimes for a 20 or 25gm. pack of manufactured meat, imitation beef jerky.........try the real thing,

the best Beef Jerky in Australia.

We dispatch daily, to your home or workplace, Australia - wide by Traceable  Post for a flat fee of $7.00
regardless of location or the size of your order, whether you buy a little, or pool with friends or family to take advantage of our bulk discounts, ( you'll save heaps on retail ) the delivery fee remains the same.
Our system
automatically sends you a confirmation e-mail containing a link to monitor the progress of each order. Orders are generally dispatched the same day we receive cleared funds.

 You can deal with us in confidence, your satisfaction with our products and service is our first priority, we actively encourage your comments and inquiries. We are confident you will find our products exceed your expectations and look forward to having you as a valued customer.

Ray Bond
Aussie Jerky
ABN 29 491 705 450

Australia's Best Beef Jerky - 200 gms. - $26.50

At last…..
the real thing! Real Beef Jerky made the only way genuine beef jerky should be made - from 100% whole slices of prime quality Aussie Beef.

No fillers, binders, "mystery meat" or artificial flavours and preservatives, just premium quality Aussie beef steak, expertly spiced, marinated and slow-cured to produce a true lingering taste sensation.
You’ll know, by the appearance, texture and taste, you’re enjoying a premium quality product, not some machine made, mass-produced, “manufactured meat” imitation.

Available in Traditional Savoury and Chilli Flavours.

New Barbeque flavour now available.

Our Chilli Beef Jerky has the perfect balance between flavour and heat to compliment the concentrated savoury taste of prime, Australian Beef steak. A combination of crushed, Australian grown, Cayenne and Habanero chillies is added to our marinades to produce a Beef Jerky full of flavour and zest – hot without being blistering

We genuinely believe this to be the best tasting beef jerky in Australia, please let us know your opinion, as always we encourage and appreciate your comments.

Please make your selection from the drop down box below: 



Direct Buy Discounts - 500 gms. of Australia's Best Beef Snacks - $56.50

Our products are ideal travelling and outdoor snacks, great for your next adventure.

Pack (A)
Jerky Special  500 gms. Australia's Best Beef Jerky
Pack (B) Chilli Jerky Special 500 gms. Australia's Best Chilli Beef Jerky
Pack (C) Mixed Jerky Special - 250 gms. Traditional Jerky & 250 gms. Chilli Jerky
Pack (D) Mixed Jerky Special - 400 gms.Chilli Jerky & 100gms.Traditional Jerky
Pack (E) Chilli Special 250 gms.Chilli Beef Jerky and 250 gms.Chilli Jerky Bites
Pack (F)
500gms. Chilli Jerky Bites
Pack (G) 500gms. Pepper Jerky Bites
Pack (H) 250gms. Chilli Jerky Bites and 250gms. Pepper Jerky Bites
Pack (I)  500gms.
Barbeque Flavour

Please make your selection from the drop down box below: 


Giant 1 Kilogram Bulk Pack - for the serious Jerky fan - $98.70

The Best Beef Jerky in Australia at the Best Value in Australia, buy some with friends and work colleagues, you'll never run out.
Please make your selection from the drop down box below:



Whole Slice Jerky - 1 Kilogram Bulk Pack - $93.70


Hand cut exclusively from premium quality yearling topside beef, spiced, marinated and slow-cured........ great tasting real Beef Jerky.
Available in Savoury, Barbeque and Chilli Flavours.


Whole Slice Jerky - 500 gm. Bulk Pack - $53.50

 Hand cut exclusively from premium quality yearling topside beef, spiced, marinated and slow-cured........ great tasting real Beef Jerky.
 Available in  Savoury, Barbeque and Chilli Flavours.

Chunky Jerky Bites - 150 gm. - $19.80

Made from 100% lean Aussie Beef, our Jerky Bites have a firmer texture initially that quickly softens to release its' sensational flavours.

Packed full of concentrated nutrition, it’s a long lasting, satisfying snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.

Available in three delicious flavours 

Mild Savoury

Spicy Pepper – crushed cardamom peppers for that little extra bite.
Chilli – hot, without being too overpowering.



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